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see you next month

see you next month

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It wasn’t their destiny. The black day for Turkey.

 Yesterday, at four o’clock the coal mine disaster happened in Turkey. We lost 238 miners. 238 People not with us anymore. 238 people death. We don’t know how many people are in there, we don’t know why that happened. authorized  said that over 700 people were working in the mine when the explosion happened. That’s insane! They were brothers, they were  husbands, they were fathers, they were ours. Their families waiting for their dead bodies. Imagine that you are waiting your husband’s/father’s/son’s dead body. It isn’t feel good, is it? We already lost 238 people and maybe we will lost more. It is hurts. It’s not just about Turkey, it is not just about Turkish people. These people were living with us on the earth yesterday. now, they are gone. they are gone! They were doing it for 5 liras per hour.  Some of them didn’t  even have insurance policy. We found a  15-years-old child who dead in mining disaster. What is happening in Turkey? What will happen next? Stop!

Please, be sensitive. 

Allah give us Sabr. Başımız Sağolsun. R.I.P

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